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Ulrike Gerbig frankfurt am main / Germany, Female, 59
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    • (4/16/2008 6:56:00 AM)

      it is not that easy, i am afraid:
      the question is how one defines 'death' the thing that ends everything or as the thing that opens the door to a new life, a new stage...

      in hindhu philosophy (godess kali) and in the celtic mythology the female principle is both life giver and death bringer and destroyer and creator...

      there are more philosophical and mystical ways to see the world than just the western way inspired by greek mythology...

      if you read my poem again you will see that all those aspects of the feminine are in it and death is seen not as destruction of life but as a stage of re-birth and, if you want to see it the christian way, a means of forgiveness and setting free from sin...

      one of the major mistakes christian philosophy made was to seperate what was whole into you did in your comment on my poem:
      in black and white
      male and female
      good and bad

      in the celtic way of seeing the world and life everything is a circle...there are no sides, just unity!

      by the way, i am a woman myself!


    • POEM: (step) Father by shel cope (4/3/2008 5:50:00 AM)

      yes, it takes us awhile to make peace with our past and the people who wre part of it...but when we do, we finally start to heal!

      much love from germany!


    • POEM: Anatomy Of Smiles, Exposed by shel cope (4/1/2008 4:57:00 AM)

      well, yes, I like that (again) ! ! ! !

      kindest regards,


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