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  • POET: Amrit Rathi (10/30/2010 9:31:00 AM)

    I, myself have felt much of tne same and when requited, have, with curious wonder, why falling in love should be so indefinable
    Qte; Falling in Love, has nothing to do with gravity
    -Albert Einstein
    Early what with my own abilty to express with Poetry,
    Here's an exerpt of the enire poem you can read as,
    'A Rose' here on PH.

    The least stanza;

    'As a rose by any other name'
    would smell as sweet, so God be
    called with much confusion.

    'Ones faith in feelings as a
    fragrance of 'Love' no one can confuse'
    So much is felt, written and expressed,
    When the answer is simple, all Gods' agree.

    Thanks for sharing Amrit.

  • POEM: :) :) ~ Bon Jour Me With Holi ~.. :) ... :) by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK. (9/16/2010 6:29:00 AM)

    Are you writing to impress your 'self or we confused readers by inventing words and misunderstood abbreviated verbiage? Rated 0, for non sense. Now yee author, re-write as Horace commented so very, very long ago.

    'Horace (65 B.C.-8B.C.) aptly commented: 'Let your theme be what it may, provided it be simple and uniform; choose a theme suited to your powers, ye authors.'


  • POEM: When Love Dies by Adeline Foster (8/13/2010 10:15:00 PM)

    We share;


    I will love you still
    when my heart you cannot fill
    Autumn leaves, leaves of love
    Blossoms, fragrant flowers,
    Pure heart-white Dove

    Wintry winds...eerie sounds...
    Clouds drifting, sunless sky
    Trees as my heart, barren of leaves
    Summer awaits, love sleeps

    Shine bright sun! Cloudless sky
    Awaken! 'Spring' of love
    Awaken our hearts to blossom

    Leaves, as our spirits re-birth
    Blossoms' immortal fragrance
    Breath of life, my heart to fill

    'I will love you, still'

    for Gloria L.

    © 1990

    Louie Levy

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