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    • (6/4/2008 9:17:00 AM)

      Thanks for your input, Mr. Rob Summers, your comment just inspired me to answer you with another poem, please read, it is for you:

      Prayer of Bambi
      By Laijon Liu 20080603

      I am prince Bambi.
      Plum flower are painted on my body.
      I have the most beautiful legs,
      So sometimes I dance, but often I run.
      I run, I run, and I ran,
      Away from the human gods,
      Those who love to play their smoky guns.

      I still remembered my mother,
      Her name was honored by no one.
      One snowy night, the moon shone bright,
      She found the spring’s green sign,
      But the human gods were hiding behind.
      Their sinful powder smell
      Stunk the fresh winter wind;
      And their loud thunder noise
      Broke the forest calmness.
      And all were too late and done.

      To the human gods I pray:
      Please spare us, your lowly ones.
      Who shall decide the end of my sweet Faline?
      Not your hunting dogs! Not your guns!
      We long for the same love, a peaceful life,
      As our thirst toward the living stream,
      We dream to feast and dance on God’s pasture.
      Please strain your dogs and put away your guns,
      Spare Thumper, Flower and all the lovely ones.

    • POEM: Palmreading by anonymus anonymus (5/25/2007 11:06:00 PM)

      Jeez, This pick-up line poem!
      But why 'He' intead of 'You'.

    • POEM: Palmreading by anonymus anonymus (4/17/2007 12:14:00 AM)

      Dear Sir,

      What a poem!

      Well, before you jump off,
      call me, I'll jump off too.

      Hope the water is not too cold.: -)

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