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Daniella Lujan Clarksville / United States, Female, 32
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  • POEM: The End Of The Beginning...Beginning Of The End by Paul Marshall (2/25/2007 8:14:00 PM)

    I have to ask, why'd you leave her? Did that passion just die out like a flame that burned but then flickered out with the daunting wind? Were your proclamations of love empty as the words that lie close to your heart? Do you simply not understand what love is, but hold familiarity instead? Or did you no longer care, the mask of affection becoming a burden, making bile rise in your throat when the touch which once you yearned for brought animosty instead? Is love but empemeral? Transient and never being. Can we truly love with our entire being? Tell me this; were you happy at last when you left her. Did the skies seem brighter, the sun warmer without her by your side? Was there another woman or were just tired of it all? Tell me, 'cause I'm curious. I've never loved a guy and I doubt I will. I will probbaly learn to care for one, but never could I give my heart to be stomped on and betrayed. I don't care for men, I smile and lie. Those three words slip easily through my mendacious lips. I tell them what they want to hear. Inside I don't care, for they mean nothign to me. Just a divergence for the daily monotony-but even then a book or story might take precedence. Not that they know. Not that they care. They just want sex. And I could surrender my virginity, I probably will but I do not feel inpassioned enough to do so. I do not care a whit for them. Their like pretty flower that I tear from the roots, and then leave them thrown carelessly in the ground. You should have been happy someone actually cared for you. My father was not so lucky after his divorce. He married again-menopause sure makes guys horny ol' bats-and 'the young thing' sucked his bank account dry before hightailing it to another's arms. C'est la vie! As for me, I'm curious as to what drives men to divorce. Infidelity, passion, memories, fear? What is your reason?

    Me? I cannot love. I have been abused by those I trust, so I wear masks that hide my true feelings and manipulate people and situations to my desire. I'm very private. and do not care for others-not that I tell my 'friends' this. Only 1 person knows my true face, only she has my undivided love and she saved me from more abuse. My mother, as for the rest they can screw themselves. Appreciate next time what you have because not everyone will care about you.

    And life is all to cruel for you to doubt my words.

    Oh yeah-in the safe anonymity of this computer I tell you my true feelings. There is no need to lie since we will never meet or ocnverse again.




    do reply to me to explain to me my question

  • POEM: Ocean Of Lust by Charles Lara (2/18/2007 2:48:00 AM)

    Very nice, I liked it.

  • POEM: Ocean Of Lust by Charles Lara (2/18/2007 2:47:00 AM)

    Very nice, I liked it.

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