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    • POET: Ulrike Gerbig (11/26/2006 11:05:00 AM)

      Ulrike Gerbig. Wow. Her poems are phenomenal. They relate so well to so many things. They relate so well to personal feelings.

      Honestly I have just found your poems on the internet and I am already addicted. I have almost read all of your poems. They are crazy. They are awesome. They are inspirational.

      Personally I think her best poems are “A Mod’s Dream” and “Death is a Woman.” I like these two poems because they give you a sort of dizzying range and show a vast understanding and talent. They are so emotionally based on what everyday people could be going through. They both are truly original and always touch me when I read them. All her poems touch me.

      Ulrike adds her special and amazing touch to her poems. Almost like she writes them so carefree yet perfect. The poem Death is a Woman is truly touching. It relates to my step-father when he passed away. I didn’t like him much, and he looked like a woman. Yet when he died so many things were answered. Like who kept spilling milk at night.

      Ulrike, you have amazing righting skills. Most of your poems are uplifting and some are sad but the sad ones everyone can relate to. Good job and hope you’re having fun in Germany. Come visit me again. I give your poem 4 out of 5 stars.