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    • POEM: Will Be Too Late by Amy W... (1/8/2007 9:31:00 PM)

      Despite the callousness and cruelty of others which have often made some of us (myself included) want to die, there are those same people like myself who know about the depths of depression and find no use whatsoever for evil people like K. Jared Hosein who would literally cheer on our demise, and instead make me one to live on if just to spite them.

      Hang in there sweetheart. Please don't deprive good people of time, only deprive the evil people of your time who don't even deserve their own time in this world.

    • POEM: To Be Known I Had To Do It by Amy W... (1/7/2007 10:49:00 PM)

      Please ignore K. Jared Hosein completely. Someone that cold-hearted doesn't belong on a site like this devoted to sensitivity. His encouraging you to commit suicide is so beyond the pale, I'm not sure why he's allowed on this site. It bothered me too much to ignore, and I'm willing to be kicked off the site for this comment.

      Amy, hang in there sweetheart. I can relate to you.

    • POEM: To Be Known I Had To Do It by Amy W... (1/7/2007 3:41:00 PM)

      All I can say Amy is that I hope that you are still around.

      I have come very close several times in the past six months and for different reasons. Now it's just the sheer, stark loneliness that drives me to that edge.


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