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Ruth Campbell
Ruth Campbell Brooklyn, NY / United States, Female, 67
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    • POEM: Disinherited by John Donne (9/14/2017 3:52:00 PM)

      Brilliant Donne has made the statement that he took from his son all his inheritance and gave it instead to the poor. Obviously the son had a debt to pay to humanity. Thus the father preserved the son's good name, which is far more important in the end. (You can't get anywhere with a bad reputation.) Brilliantly done in 2 lines.

    • POEM: Be Still, My Soul, Be Still by Alfred Edward Housman (9/14/2017 3:30:00 PM)

      MP, I like the way you put this, as well as your earlier comment. Even Jesus said, There will always be poor among us. There will always be wars and rumors of wars. This world has proven from the beginning of time to be infiltrated by the evils existent in the personality of mankind. As such, living is a test of endurance, ultimately of faith. Whatever your faith is.

    • POET: Aishwarya. Ash (1/12/2009 2:21:00 AM)

      I do not understand why you wrote to me with no message. Please explain what you expect of me, and I will try to be helpful.

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