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    • POEM: 1(A... (A Leaf Falls On Loneliness) by e.e. cummings (2/7/2007 11:43:00 PM)

      Hmmm, at first I didn't think so, but upon reflection, I do believe both Michael Toland and Bobby Lankin to be correct: that the first line is 'l(a' (letter 'L') , and that it is IN rather than ON.

      Look: l(a leaf falls) onliness
      the parenthetical '(a leaf falls) ' is embedded IN the word 'l...oneliness'
      (loneliness/Loneliness, not 1liness)

      Plus, semantically, it makes more sense to say 'a leaf falls in loneliness' rather than the 'on' version. Think of it this way: 'in loneliness, a leaf falls' makes more sense than 'on loneliness, a leaf falls', don't you agree?

      AND, I agree with Michael Toland that including 'a leaf falls' in the 'false title' ruins it for the first time reader- it's like including the punch line at the beginning of a joke.