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Conor McMahon Kildare / Ireland, Male, 27
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  • (8/4/2007 6:24:00 PM)

    I found this poem beautiful. It reminds me of something the great Leonard Cohen would write. Very strong. You have earned yourself the title 'Poet'. Many people on poemhunter (including myself) have yet to master the true art of writing. You, Arash, have created what I could only dream of doing. This poem is genuine. The poems which I write have yet to yield. They haven't matured yet. Thank you for the inspiration and knowledge.

  • (8/4/2007 11:20:00 AM)

    Dear Amanda,
    It is a surprise and a delight to hear that you have even taken the slightest bit of interest in reading this poem. Please forgive me if I have offended you in some way or another.
    I understand that you are a soldier of the US military and I know just as well as you know that you are not forced into battle. Take a moment to think here. I don't recall saying 'the poor US soldier'. Perhaps I was talking about someone else. Maybe the soldier on the other side? Who thinks about them? Most of them have been forced to fight.
    I was highly insulted when you said 'this country of OURS'. Forgive me if I have misunderstood this statement. But I wish to point out that you are a human, and I am a human. We belong to the same planet. Things happen in the world and affect us. The unneccisary war has affected me emotionally. I find war is equal to murder. Except you can get away with it. Or can you? Will Saint Peter agree with you that war is good and killing is acceptable. As I am only fourteen, you may dismiss my thoughts and words and brand me as an 'immature child'. I am afraid it is you, Amanda, who is immature for being so selfish to think that I was speaking about you. What about the child soldiers? What about the families in fear? What about the angered elders who have been living in Iraq all their lives? What about the rest of the world? Open your eyes, Amanda. The world is more than just America and Iraq. I apologise to anyone who has been insulted by this, but this is me excercising my right to free speech.

    Forgive me if I have wasted your time.

    Yours sincerely,
    Conor McMahon.

  • POEM: Death For Love by Young And Aspiring (3/12/2007 12:30:00 PM)

    wow what a beautiful poem! ! ! !

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