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    • POEM: Children's Rhymes by Langston Hughes (3/19/2007 10:56:00 AM)

      I'm so tired of black people making the color of their skin a reason not to succeed. Do we not have a brain like white people, do we not have the freedom to get jobs and go to school like white people? YES we do. The white people aren't keeping us down, we are keeping ourselves down. How often do you see a group of white kids being disorderly on a bus or singing and dancing in the mall acting foolish? Never. How often do you see black kids doing it? ALOT. There are black doctors and lawyers and judges and cops, the same as whites. They are there because they did not use their skin color as an excuse. Quit playing the black card. If you don't get waited on fast at a restuarant its not becuase you are black, it is because the waiter or waitress is busy, if you don't get what you want for whatever reason, its not because you are black. It is just life, it happens deal with it.