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  • POET: Jeremy Page (5/24/2010 2:44:00 PM)

    I still visit this site =]

  • POEM: ~not Who I Knew (Somebody Different) ~ by Jeremy Page (7/15/2007 2:14:00 AM)

    Just assuming, and i could be wrong...
    but that doesnt by any chance have anyhting to do with me does it?
    i do still read your poems you put on here lol haha. number 13 on mah favourites. (i have about like 68 to be exact lol haha)

    i was doing my blog... as you do.. lol and i came across some quotes... and i thought of you :) lol

    I sit and laugh with my friends at what we’ve all been through,
    but I still catch my breath when someone mentions you.
    We move on, put those dreams away,
    hoping that we’ll find them come some rainy day.
    How could I know that everything would change?
    Except the way I miss you, come some rainy day.

    Do your nights feel incomplete without our phone calls?
    Mine do.
    Do your eyes feel like they’re burning out of your skull?
    Mine too.
    Is it just our little routine that we’re missing so bad?
    Or is it the fact that we’re both losing the best friend that we ever had?

    That was so much like him, just to come over here
    on a totally random night and after barely speaking to me
    for months and months, just pick up where he left off
    completely messing with my mind.

    what do you think? are you scared? lol haha
    sorry.. but just thought.. that they kinda explain everything better than i could say... if that makes sence :)

  • POEM: ~the Note~ by Jeremy Page (4/10/2007 7:32:00 AM)


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