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Ibrahim Ercan masl / Turkey, Male, 33
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    • POEM: A Message To Us. by Fay Slimm (9/12/2008 7:38:00 AM)

      The visible world that sings its harmonious song in a silent mood looks for ears that can grasp the soul of its pantomime. The birds, carrying a seal on their wings show them to us, but where they’ll find a watchful beholder! Only our poet, speaking the language that they speak, understands its echoing music.

    • POEM: Free Butterfly by EMMA Funnell (9/12/2008 7:28:00 AM)

      A nice poem that portrays one’s inner feeling elegantly.

      Our stars are in our mind –dark and light-that we sometimes touch on their smiling faces up in the sky, maybe they’re so high but not as high as the emotions that she creates on a seashore bay, lying on the sundered beach, boiling for freedom in the body cage. To be free like a butterfly she wants to release her handcuffed birds into the piercing sky.

    • POEM: Free Butterfly by EMMA Funnell (9/12/2008 7:12:00 AM)

      We always forget the present, thinking about the past and future. We can’t reconcile the cat of our dream magic. He looks for something new. Not old like the world’s crest, swaying the cradle of her children but a new-born baby, waiting to be fed. Without present there is no past and future. That’s why people write something to be remembered by anybody -an alive stick- that’ll represent his or her image on the surface of the earth. In term of the mood that we always in and the content, your poem is nice piece when we gather our strength with hope and love to live in this ambiguous world. Good luck!

      Something New

      And they say life is full of opportunity
      When you grasp the inner purity
      In this world of ambiguity
      One can’t find out the stability.

      Dark future that you wonder about
      Becomes white birds on the wireless heart
      Can receive every signal apart,
      Sent by your God who has the flawless art.

      Man is always looking for
      Something new that’s not for all
      Private in his surrounding wall
      No foreign peeper would befall
      On his protected soul.

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