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    • POEM: Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson (4/26/2007 11:19:00 AM)

      There are two old sayings that can go along with this poem, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and “Money can’t buy happiness”. Everyone in the town envied Richard Cory; they thought that he had it all. On the surface it looked like he did, he was rich, handsome, and polite. What they did not realize was that inside he was unhappy. He was so unhappy with himself that he put a bullet through his head. All the money in the world can not buy true happiness. This comes from accomplishments, self- esteem, and the love of those that surround us.

    • POEM: Spinster by Sylvia Plath (4/26/2007 10:55:00 AM)

      In this poem, Plath describes a girl who by her own choice decides not to marry and become a spinster. It starts out on a spring day as the girl and her suitor take a walk. She looks around her and decides that she does not like the spring weather. She longs for it to be winter. The spring season represents the blossoming disarray of love. The girl does not want to take the chance of love; she does not want the disorder it will bring to her life. Instead she longs for winter and the austere order that comes with it. She leaves the man and barricades herself in her home. The home represents her heart. Both are blocked off from intrusion, even if the intrusion is love. To me this is a sad way to live. I would much rather take my chances with love.

    • POEM: Fire And Ice by Robert Frost (4/25/2007 1:38:00 PM)

      The speaker in this poem is contemplating the theories of what will eventually destroy the world. He compares the outcome of fire to desire; and agrees that desire is potent. But at the same time he points out that ice or hate is also very strong. Both of these possibilities highlight the effects of human nature. Human nature is sin, whether it is the desire for what one does not have, or the hate of one for another. Sin itself is what will ultimately destroy the world, the sin of mankind. God reveals through the bible that this destruction will be by fire.