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    • (7/30/2007 12:09:00 AM)

      amazing. very powerful. felt every emotion that ran through this poem. the emotions feel real. well done.

    • POEM: You Would Love Me If You Knew You Loved Me by Samantha Ashley (7/29/2007 11:58:00 PM)

      amazing. simply amazing. deep and passionate. true and real. love it.

    • POEM: 'Depression Is Anger Without Enthusiasm' by simply here (6/20/2007 2:43:00 PM)

      'i am 30plus years old..i only heard the word depression when i migrate in europe..i believe depression is a want to make a habit of putting yourself down thats why you get depressed..and being depressed is making you feel happy..its like a worry habit thing..a hurting yourself feeling that makes you feel good....i think depression will only hit you if you are a born lazy person....cause if you keep yourself busy you can never think of anything else to be sad what you feel doing and your focus will be on that thing your you will never get depressed..the word depressed is created by human beings who work as a doctor giving advice to people giving them medicine..if they will not do that they will not short..they will make you believe you are depressed even if your not so they can sell theier medicine.'

      ^^^^ thats a crock of...
      you cant stop depression. it just happens. there is somthing in your head or somthing that has happened in life that you just cant shake. ppl dont get depressed because they are lazy or they want attention. who ever said that most likly has not gone through what ppl with depression go through everyday. and most the time drugs dont help. yeah, they make you 'happy' but you still dont feel like everything is great. thats dumb how ppl can be so nieve about that. you have to have gone through it to be able to say anything about it. yeah.
      anyways great poem keep it up.. (sorry for the rant)

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