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Sonja Iacob Luanda / Angola, Female, 41
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    • (5/29/2007 7:32:00 AM)

      I don’t think so!

      Selfish you are, selfish he is

      Disgustful tactics you apply,

      But more disgust I am.

      She loves you?

      You love him?

      What about me?

      I’m not into poetry and I’m not into this game,

      I didn’t want to play but you push me in.

      I don’t know how to fight,

      My arms are weak and my soul is empty.

      I can’t write poems but the poems can touch me

      And I’m disgust!

      I look at you and I’m reading her,

      I look in the mirror and I see myself,

      Why a mirror is less blind that both of you?

      I look at you with anger

      I look at you with pity

      I’ve look at you and close my soul,

      Please give me back my peace!

      Don’t think that you Artemis,

      And send your clever arrows

      Your poem is two ways street

      And you know this!

      What you don’t know is that I know!

      You sorted out your future,

      Please let me think of mine!

      PS: I like your poem Jessica. As you can imagine the answer is not for you is for someone else that used your poem. Keep on writing, people are finding them self in your poetry. All the best and Good Luck! V.