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Samamtha Campbell lynchburg **** / United States, Female, 41
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  • POEM: 21st Century Prophets by Samantha Campbell (6/11/2012 3:05:00 PM)

    I dont know why this is saying its by Paul Laurence Dunbar cause its not

  • POEM: Bright Star, Would I Were Steadfast As Thou Art by John Keats (3/1/2010 9:32:00 PM)

    Me again lol I just wanted to say this poem is one of my faves of Keats it expresses his love for Fanny beautifully.

  • POEM: Bright Star, Would I Were Steadfast As Thou Art by John Keats (3/1/2010 9:27:00 PM)

    Well I just watched the same movie Bright Star... I loved it soo much it made me cry my heart and soul have yet to recover fully. If I were Fanny I would have never married anyone else ever I would have been in mourning the rest of my life and would have thought of nothing else but my love, Nor a single breath would escape my trembling lips without thoughts of his kiss. I wish I had lived back in that time! Today most peoples poetic talents or gift of story Telling is smothered with T.V. Video Games and the internet I cant even imagine the loss. What if Keats lived in our time would he even write? I live in the country my favorite place to write is a field of tall grass setting under a willow tree listing to the Earth or under a blanket of stars. I think apart of me would die if I had to live in the city. I fancy myself a poet Ive been published in a few books but I want one of my own I dont care to be famous or rich I just want my work read. In poetry when you really feel someones work its there soul touching your heart that's why its so powerful. Some of my poetry can be found here http: // or found here http: // if anyone is interested.