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    • POEM: The Sun Rising by John Donne (6/7/2007 8:36:00 AM)

      its not really a very romantic poem it you look at it carefully though. its more about Donnes conflict with the Sun and how he scolds mother nature for interrupting his affairs, which in this case he would wish to prolong. he does seem to be very smitten with his lover- 'shes all states, and all princes i; nothing else is, ' but as is with Death, Be Not Proud, Donne revels in slandering things in life which we cannot control- death/ the rising of the sun, arguing that he CAN control them if he wishes to, 'i could eclipse and cloud them with a wink, ' initiating some sort of power struggle.
      As this is a conceit, which Donne has been described as 'a master of' there are two contrasting ideas- the idolization of his lover, and his contempt with the Sun. A conceit combines two dissimilar ideas into one single idea- Donne uses his passion for his lover as a means of arguing against the Sun.
      So although there is a romance present within the poems content, i would say the 'unruly sun' dominates.