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Walt Martin columbus, new jersey / United States, Male, 72
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  • POEM: A Scent Of Gray by Sandra Fowler (2/13/2008 10:48:00 AM)

    Please pardon the colloquialism, but this just about blows me out of the water.
    You've been graced with a most special vision to both insightfully recognize and macroscopically express life's subtle, almost imperceptibly changing metamorphic flow through time. 'A Scent of Gray' certainly challenges, yet far beyond the wonderment, in answer, lies the wondrous. Although the moroseness of resignation is palpable in vivid suggestion, I feel it somehow comforting to reflect upon the sharing of experience and the emotionally unbreakable bands that bond. In this very real sense, I find a compelling spirituality.
    From a purely personal perspective, three reads on, I can note that the day's been long, and though I'm wet, I thank God I've a hand to hold!
    And nihilistic? Not at all... some doors remain intentionally ajar. I'm deeply appreciative of this captivating, unabashedly honest, sensitive, and masterfully done poem!

  • POEM: A Scent Of Gray by Sandra Fowler (8/28/2007 4:24:00 PM)

    If the pin in my tumblers had been a notch away in either direction, I'd probably appreciate this 'beyond insightful' recognition, but manage to somehow misinterpret with veiled, subconscious sexist intent. Perhaps 'then' or 'when', but not this time around.
    Even when viewed with the clinical eye of so many 'codes' and accrued psych and 'geri' hours, it's a truism that men generally do find the transitory fade more difficult than women. I'd possibly be generalizing in the restatement that men spend lives 'doing', and women spend lives 'giving' (all kinds of ramifications there, beginning with birth) . As I enjoy early to mid 20th century American literature (and its timely precedents) , the man/woman 'social/sexual/economic' relationship is made all the more poignant by your absolutely beautiful and challenging poem, which is totally void of any harsh thought. Quite the contrary, there's a prevailing and comforting silkiness throughout.
    And still, in the completeness of this grand observation, you so sweetly embrace the oneness of love, the essence of what may well be the ultimate goal of our rambles through lives as men and women.
    I find your poem not only beautifully glowing, but, as per my readings, stunningly unique!
    Thankfully , walt

  • POEM: A Scent Of Coffee by Sandra Fowler (8/28/2007 3:23:00 PM)

    Although I've know such timeless and magical moments, immortalized snippets captured in pale light and shade (Things move unseen, but rather felt therein) , I offer my profound appreciation and respect for your unparalleled black opal of poetic brilliance. I marvel at that which you've penned, and the hushed breaths that I can only find in fleeting memories and dreams - never at the union of my own pen and paper. I thank you for the most precious words that I could never see to find, save but deep within the intimacy of heart plucked cords, which even then evade my grasp. I've used the words 'magical', 'precious' and 'brilliance' already - A hundred times over would be an injustice and understatement! Thank You Sandra! ! !

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