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  • (8/20/2007 8:15:00 PM)

    A relection looks out
    and sees the truth
    a hidden maiden
    scared and cute
    if only she knew
    why the maiden was sad
    mabye the mirror could turn it around
    but hidden in darkness
    the maiden crys
    living in torture
    forever in pain
    but the day is comming
    where rerabution sets in
    and the wicked and vile
    shall die once again
    then the maiden be happy
    and make sounds of rejoice.

    Be happy fair maiden for the darkness shall pass.

  • (8/20/2007 7:57:00 PM)

    I know that you are crying
    and insude you're hurt
    but deep down I see your side
    that is never bold
    and realise what i did
    and that i was wrong

    I made you cry inside you die
    and so this is what is told

    *in the end*
    Get over it
    it's not that bad
    it's so damn anoying that you are sad
    won't you please get off your bed
    raise your head and tell the world you won't be dead

    thats just a little thing.

    bye the way,
    i smile with the most
    horendus grin
    I look in your eyes and see within
    I know that you have got so much
    but you never shot it you just hide and cut

    Lots of hugs