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  • POEM: Intensity by Elya Thorn (9/14/2007 10:51:00 PM)

    “The intensity of one look” is intensified in the poem through the deliberate economy of language and the careful choice of clear-cut images. No word is abundant… no image is used for a mere decorative purpose.

  • POEM: Intimate by Elya Thorn (9/14/2007 10:47:00 PM)

    While the first two stanzas describe, so eloquently and concisely, the setting of such “Intimate atmosphere”, it is the third stanza that brings the scene into its climax, establishing the inevitable “prerequisite” for ideal intimacy. True togetherness can only be possible when all “masks fall”, and when no one is forced to be alienated from one’s own self.

  • POEM: A Scent Of Coffee by Sandra Fowler (9/14/2007 6:19:00 AM)

    Here lies the mysterious power of poetry—to restore in words, and thus reconstruct, the taste of moments that “may not come again” in reality. Vanishing scents, whispers, and tunes are all brought back in a way that reinstates their immortal presence both in time and in the soul.

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