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Jim Doyle Hemel Hempstead / United Kingdom, Male, 63
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    • POEM: Talking (And Singing) Of The Nordic Man by Hilaire Belloc (11/18/2008 7:04:00 PM)

      Ha! He’s being PC! ! What a crushingly dismissive accusation! !
      Did I have the audacity not to be awed by this skilful use of language; to show disrespect; and to express an opinion of my own? Then I truely must be some senseless, freedom of speech banning, zealot, who is to be directed to the nearest library to seek out and appreciate the subtleties of this light verse and the uplifting ideas it encapsulates.
      Could it simply be that these lines are vacuous and tasteless; humorous only to those with heads full of ‘mock-moral’ caricatures?
      Belloc: Talking (and singing) of the Nordic Man- “surprised and delighted” - better still, Michael - let’s you and I just avoid frequenting the same used book stores............ and don’t you worry Cindy, I’ll always be prepared to defend your right to free speech – no matter how inane or unoriginal...........

    • POEM: Talking (And Singing) Of The Nordic Man by Hilaire Belloc (11/18/2008 8:03:00 AM)

      Behold my child the racist man,
      be as different to him as you can.
      His pen is blunt, his mind is too,
      in his ignorance let him stew.

    • POEM: I Am by John Clare (12/10/2007 5:02:00 AM)

      What a load of self-obsessed drivel........the inside of some tortured soul’s head. Compare it to the poem of another great self obsessed and tortured soul, Byron’s ‘so we’ll go no more a roving’ …….. short, full of evocative imagery, simple yet packed with complexity – all the sadness and regret one person can cope with in a few short poignant lines ……..

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