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Ruth Walters London, U.K. / United Kingdom, Female, 105
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  • POEM: Ugly Beauties by Soran M. H (2/16/2020 7:10:00 AM)

    Well, I try to find something beautiful in everyone and usually I can. I think these days, we hear so much 'ugliness' on the news that we forget to do that. I'm sad for the youth of today as when I was a youngster, even though there were bad things going on, it wasn't nearly as bad as nowadays. No stabbings on the streets everyday, no terrorism, and the 2nd world war was done and finished. We were the flower children, make love not war, peace and love......

  • POEM: The First Poem by Soran M. H (2/16/2020 7:04:00 AM)

    When I was a very small child, not yet at school, my mother, as a special treat, would buy me a pomegranate to eat (when they were in season) on the long walk home from the local shops. Being so young, I didn't understand that you could only buy them at certain times of the year and would long for them all the time.

  • POEM: Precise Time by Soran M. H (2/16/2020 6:59:00 AM)

    I like this one, I like the empathy you show for the cat (made me smile) as cats, mostly just want to hunt any little critter that moves, or pretend to fight off enemies, even if that 'enemy' is a single blade fo grass, blowing, tantalising, in the breeze.

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