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10/10/2007 11:53:00 PM

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    • POEM: What Have I Done by Mike Gross (5/31/2008 9:56:00 PM)

      wow. i have no other words. but that's a positive wow. thank you.

    • POEM: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (10/11/2007 12:18:00 AM)

      fellas, this poem is good not because of how well it's written or because it empowers women. it is good because it shows other women of color, or women of any race for that matter, that they CAN be confident in their own skin, no matter how they look...(yes, there's a difference between empowerment and showing proof that confidence is achievable)'s passionate, and speaks out about the fact that yes, Ms. Angelou WASN'T perfect, but that didn't stop her from being happy with herself. it's refreshing to have a woman with so much literary power present this idea: that a woman doesn't have to be anatomically perfect to feel perfect. and could you please stop attacking this poem, just because it is on the top of the list? its not OUR fault that it's there, nor is it Ms. Angelou's fault. take it up with the website managers.

      on the other hand, ladies, this poem is NOT perfect. nor do i believe that it should be number one. i enjoy this poem, yes, but top of the list? i think not. there is plenty of other literature out there to place above this. you may think this is great, but there are quite a few more who don't think it is, as is obvious by the comments. frankly, men don't find this poem so phenomenal, pun intended, i apologize, because they've been empowered for centuries, and don't understand why women need to feel empowered.

      and to both sides, please don't argue. different people will have different opinions.

      *sigh* now i'll get personally attacked for asking people to be civil. THAT is real proof of where society is going.....

    • POEM: And We Were Healed by Charles Lara (10/10/2007 11:48:00 PM)

      interesting writing style. i didn't quite catch it, but to each his own. i thought the message was well sent, though.

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