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    • POEM: No Man Is An Island by John Donne (10/22/2007 4:26:00 PM)

      'as well as if a manor' should be used in lieu of 'manner'

      Donne, John. The Works of John Donne. vol III.
      Henry Alford, ed.
      London: John W. Parker,1839.574-5.

    • POEM: Not Waving But Drowning by Stevie Smith (10/20/2007 4:21:00 PM)

      It appears to me that all of the comments represent excellent interpretations. However, I don't know that Stevie Smith was depressed. I suspect that 'not waving but drowning' represented the predictment that many women found themselves in during her time and prior to her. It must have been frustrating and depressing (not in the clinical sense) to be a very intelligent woman 'further out' but expected only to smile and be charming 'waving' while being spiritually boxed in 'drowning'.

    • POEM: 1914 V: The Soldier by Rupert Brooke (10/20/2007 3:52:00 PM)

      He wrote the poem during WW1. During that war and WWII soldiers who died were usually buried in the country where they died. Some may consider that he was predicting his own death because he was killed during WW and buried in a foreign country.