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Chloe Duryea Tempe, Arizona / United States, Female, 36
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    • POEM: Aubade by michael hartman (11/1/2007 5:04:00 PM)

      Utterly charming. This is such a pungent, vibrant poem about awakening love. I love the way the poet writes about an 'unprecedented day' (which love indeed tends to define for us) . The leaves seem to simultaneously add insight, reflect the writer's feeling, and yet direct the moment (rather like a Greek chorus) . There is a sense of a holy moment, shared. And when the poet speaks of inadequacy in trying to describe the way his lover appears to him, there is such gentility and grace in his words, that the element of deception which he deftly introduces toward the end nearly slips by...before resolution. 'sweet, sappy words going nowhere'? I think not.

    • POEM: Departure And Dismay by michael hartman (11/1/2007 4:02:00 PM)

      This poem makes me think of lovers painfully parted on an autumn afternoon. I especially love the line: 'Loneliness spread his starvation, His prolific empire.', because it speaks so clearly of resignation to emotional impoverishment on the heels of love recognized. And then I wonder, in the last line, whether the trees have beguiled him, or whether he is questionning the illusory quality of transformational love?

    • POEM: Chained Pets by michael hartman (11/1/2007 3:27:00 PM)

      I love the image of the 'stockade shadowed ground.' It lends such an edgey visual element to this poem. And 'Left loose to run wild and unaware in freedom's presence' gives a punch to the word freedom - referring, perhaps, to the distinction between freedom and thoughtless action. This poem reminds me that what looks like freedom is really not, if we use it for nothing else than returning to that which is familiar, regardless of the quality of 'the familiar'. Nice piece!