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    • POEM: The Horses by Edwin Muir (11/18/2007 11:34:00 PM)

      Upon first hearing this poem, I was overcome with a nostalgic feeling of reading books about animals when I was a child. This is fitting because the whole idea of this back-to-basics perfect world is very childlike in and of itself. The end result of this poem is that humans live in harmony with the horses, and the world is oh so wonderful. This cannot work in real life. Real life demands balance. They cannot have all the people live in harmony without conflict. Imagine day but never night, safety but never danger, loud but never quiet, agreeing but never opposing. The world in which everyone agrees with eachother is world not worth living in.
      On another note, the choice of horses as the saviors was both a good and a bad choice. It worked well with the mechanics of the poem (remaining humans wanting help and companionship) , but as soon as I heard it was about horses, I prejudged it and already had in my mind that it was going to be like every other piece of horse literature out there.
      In conclusion, this poem has good intentions, but is not possible is real life. But hey, isn't the whole point of fictitious literature to escape the real world?