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    • (11/21/2007 8:53:00 AM)

      the poem is excellent. in the literal sense the poem describes the experience of a lay man while he visits the church, unknowing of the actual meaning of the various rituals involved. the poet questions these traditions and their uses. he tries to imagine what may happen when churches fall completely out of use and who will be the last person to visit it? he answers his own questions; the more he analyzes and searches for the use of the building called church the more meaningful the church actually seems to him. at the last part he finds out that there will always be need for a building like that of a church, not for the traditions or superstitions involved, but for the necessity of a place to go to become more wiser as he describes it, or the necessity of a place where we might go when we are compelled by a grave situation or to understand the deeper meaning of life. the poem is wonderful and deserves more attention.