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    • (11/27/2007 7:47:00 PM)

      Like others before me, I believe that Blackberry Picking has definite themes relating to time. However, I also believe that the poem has statements that relate strongly to our lives, and ultimately the human life cycle. First, new life is formed and 'it's flesh was sweet...'(5) , not that the flesh itself is sweet, but that the life is pure and unblemished. The entire section following this, from lines 7-15 describes hard labor being put into the result of an accomplishment. In the case of the poem, the accomplishment is enjoying the blackberries. This symbolic statement relates to what happens in our own lives; we work so hard for a goal, only to find that our lives are slipping away with each passing minute. Heaney describes the end of our life cycle as 'a rat-grey fungus, glutting on [the] cache.' and 'the juice...stinking...' with 'the fruit fermented...' (19-21) and that 'it wasn't fair...' (22) to end life like this; toiling under the sun, only to have your goal become meaningless. Like our lives, Blackberry Picking expresses what can only happen to every single one of us, the end.