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    • POEM: Fire And Ice by Robert Frost (12/2/2007 5:30:00 AM)

      This is what the poem means to me:

      Fire and Ice in the poem are symbolic, with Fire representing desire or lust, and Ice representing hate or apathy; with Fire and Ice being as opposite to each other as desire and lust are to hate and apathy.

      Frost is communicating the point that that both extremes are very strong, have the potential to dominate our actions, and that both have the capacity to become destructive.

      Frost is trying to say that although hate is usually seen as the very negative one, while lust and desire are often not seen as negative and are often confused with love, when Frost ends the poem by unifying the two opposites, he is not only telling us that they are very much connected, he is telling us that they are both negative things; in effect, he is preaching being moderate and rational, even when it is tempting to take extreme positions;

      Both irrational extremes bring destruction.