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    • POEM: Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe (12/2/2007 3:30:00 PM)

      The first time I was introduced to this poem was last year when I was eleven. It was read aloud to me by my teacher at the time, a man whom I have a great amount of repect and affection for. My Honors Literature group in my class had been studying Edgar Allan Poe, so when we received another piece of his work I was expecting a (somewhat perverted in my opinion) poem about a gruesome death such as that of The Telltale Heart or The Black Cat. As my teacher began to read it, however, experiencing it for the first time was quite incredible. It is a beautiful composition describing the grief and power of the death of a loved one, set in a 'kingdom by the sea.' Each and every time I read it I feel the same magic inside me, lifting up my poetic essenceas I relive the first time I heard it. Poe's understanding and portraying of the cycle of life and death, though gory in some instances, presents itself in a breathtaking and magnificent manner when given in this amazing poetic format. Go Poe!