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    • POEM: God Wears Black by Wicked Mike (12/12/2007 10:12:00 PM)

      God is white, and what is black?
      Surely the word implies attack
      He sent his son, and like a gun
      He blew our sins away

      God will speak to anyone
      Who’s ready to obey
      He preaches through dreams
      And just as it seems
      Their souls are shown the way

      God is love, and yet you hate
      You make a choice to spend your fate
      We built the bombs, we scared the moms
      Who now are killing their babes

      God is in you, he works through me
      The divine creator of all we see
      God is right, but we can be wrong
      And its him who has followed me all along

      And he’ll come like a thief in the night

      Kyle Peacock

    • POEM: God Wears Black by Wicked Mike (12/12/2007 9:56:00 PM)

      The Muslims preach that God us great
      He is everywhere
      even in your soup

      The Christians praise The Lord of Lords
      He knows all
      He has made that soup

      A Jewish man
      Seeks his homeland
      While we debate of soup

      Three sides fight for their God
      They all are called uncouth
      While God is in your soup

      Terrorists seek to slay them all
      God is everywhere
      God is in your soup

      And those who know no God
      Blame those whose hearts are fueled

      It is they that now sit idly by
      Why do they just drink their soup?

      Kyle Peacock

    • POEM: Joy In Joy by Vishal Kumar (12/12/2007 9:29:00 PM)

      Since God has created all the Earth in Twain
      Our Life has Death
      Our Love knows Hate
      Our Joy but Leads to Pain

      I also crave the other side
      And everything is joy
      Pain has its joy
      And everyone seeks to have the joy
      Inside the joy.
      I seek not the pain that lies
      Deep within more pain
      Too quiet, to removed
      Joy itself hides from shame

      Joy is what is strong
      It can still lead toward gain

      But joy itself is not being strong
      It’s God’s relief from pain

      Kyle Peacock