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    • POEM: The Bustle In A House by Emily Dickinson (8/1/2009 4:20:00 PM)

      I am sure you have all the information you needed to analyse this poem. I taught 11th grade American Literature before I retired. I remember so well reading this poem to my class after my mother died suddenly at the age of 43. When I read the poem, I felt all the things I had felt the morning after her death. As far as analysis goes, I think the main idea is that life has to go on, the house has to be cleaned, etc but the atmosphere the morning after death is solemn and painful. The line that most affected me was 'the sweeping up the heart' (sweep up the hearth) and the putting things away that will never be used again (the things my mother used that I would never see her use again or things I would never see her wear again or the songs I would never hear her sing again) had to be put away like the things in any house that have to be put away so daily life can go on.

      I know this is too late to be of help to you but I just needed to share my experience from from reading this poem the first time over 40 years ago.