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    • POEM: From – Twenty Poems Of Love by Pablo Neruda (12/24/2007 9:49:00 PM)

      Hi dear people, even though I find this particular traslation of the poem to be very good there is one inconvenient, the word 'fractured' is a bad tranlation of the word 'estrellada', 'estrellada' means full of stars, though it is truth that it could be used in the other sense (fractured) 'estrellar' like 'crush' is not commonly used with this meaning at least not in Chile and most certainly not in poetry. so re-read the poem thinking that instead of fractured He means a starry night or a starry sky with all the nostalgy that this could evoke. I would not know the adequate translation for this use of the word being english not my first language but surely you will be able to think of a better one. Thanks. Claudio