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Rosa Jamali
Rosa Jamali Tehran / Iran (Islamic Republic of), Female, 43
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  • POET: Allen Ginsberg (10/1/2019 3:30:00 AM)

    America which has been written in the heydays of political turmoil in the US and at the brink of
    Vietnam War, from the early lines of the poem you see the poet is really concerned with the political
    life of his country and is developing an anti-establishment tone, mentioning the dates and events.

  • POEM: If We Must Die by Claude McKay (10/1/2019 3:25:00 AM)

    Mc kay's poem in Harlem Renaissance tradition is a nostalgic piece of reminiscence of the past and
    again is a poem of collective unconscious. The language is not filled with much of imagination or
    tropes but it's passionate and touching. The poem doesn't have a personal tone but encouragingly
    talking to a group of comrades and wants them to get united and fight against the oppressors.

  • POEM: The Unknown Citizen by WH Auden (10/1/2019 3:22:00 AM)

    W.H.Auden's poem is full of irony. Unknown Citizen is the one who doesn't draw any attention and
    lives a normal life. After so many years of being at war, he describes the absurdity and the obscurity
    of war in such a witty, grotesque tone.

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