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    • POEM: Promise Of A Lie by Sean Foxx (12/4/2008 8:29:00 PM)

      I am sorry you feel this way, as I am aspiring to become a soldier myself. I understand what you are saying but i dissagre as i believe that being a soldier is the greatest achievment you can accomplish.
      Some people will say i used to be a doctor, lawyer, plumber; but you are always a soldier and it is something more important than yourself it is for your country. As most people say this isn't our war, were in there for the wrong reasons. I agree but we are still in there and i feel sorry for anyone who hates, or talks bad about our soldiers because they are what is letting you write that poem. I know you've hear that all the time but think about it. In Hitler's Germany if you talked bad about him or his soldiers you will get shot in the back of the head. In Stalin's Russia they would take you out to exile and let you die SO THINK HARD ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE WRITING BECAUSE YOU BETTER HOPE THAT SOLDIERS KEEP FIGHTING SO YOU CAN WRITE YOUR POEMS