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    • POEM: Where They Come From? by Naseer Ahmed Nasir (5/19/2009 10:02:00 AM)

      From here and there
      They come from everywhere.....

    • POEM: Encircled Triage by Naseer Ahmed Nasir (4/17/2009 11:39:00 AM)

      A very resuscitating poem that can provoke the pompously nature of human to respect the gift of life that has been bestowed to him and withstand with his unique ability to foresee death fulfulling the ' Myth of Foreordaining ' so he could stay away from all evil deeds. The essence is that life is not meant to love Matter rather it is a self-realizing game which should be dealth with great care. It should be nurtured and groomed in a way that could help in self-discovery. It is a tough task though to travel through such invisible journey of life, yet, one with prevailing futuristic and pragmatic approach goes through this smoothly and completes the entire circle fruitfully. The usage of ' The Rule of Triage ' (setting priorities through colors i.e., RED..YELLOW...GREEN, in treating several people in urgency or state of emergency) while describing the settings of death has uplifted the poem to a certain level that defines the importance of prioritization.The poem can also be interpreted in terms of Trinity and signals at crossings.The poem is multi-dimensional in various aspects of life, death and the universe.

    • POEM: Players by Sameer Ahmed (12/31/2008 3:07:00 PM)

      Another great piece you have shared.......Well chosen words and symbols........'Mankind withers like petals of olden flowers' Deep thoughts, Shows the mark of true poetry......Your poem should read by the PLAYERS(who want to change the map of the world) ..... May you live long.Happy new year.

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