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    • POEM: You'Re Better Off by neo riddick (12/25/2008 12:03:00 PM)

      Hi, After reading all your poems I had a lump in my throat. You seem like a very sad person thats been hurt very bad. Seems like you might be hanging with the wrong sort of people. I know I've had some very hard times with drugs and family and one day I saw pure evil and it was coming from me. I imagined hell in its true form. It was eminating from me. I was poisoned and sickened by it. I was lashing out at inocent people and hurting them because I was hurting on the inside. There was one thing in me that might help you on your journey. As I saw my life burning to cinders I realized a very simple logic. All that is in me is bad and negative in my mind. I thought to myself while tripping and lost if there is bad than there must be good. Good cant be defined as a word unless bad used as part of its definition. If bad is what I was inside, I surely did not know what good felt like and wanted to learn how it could change my direction. So I scraped myself of the floor after an attempted suicide and began to pick up all the pieces. Not an easy thing when you are me. Perhaps you might try medataion to relieve some of the pressure. Close your eyes, breath in deeply. Slowly breath out. Imagine a setting of a water fall or a quiet secret lake where you can go and there are no people anywhere. Its not an easy place to get to when you have demons attacking your mind.

      After reading your poems I am afraid for you. I think could this person writing these copuld harm theirself or even others. I can tell you the bad takes you to a very dark hole. the darkness turns to vast amounts of nothing. In blackness will make you lost forever and you will never find happiness until you change whats deep inside you.

      I've crawled out of the grave I built for myself long ago. I know you can to. Have faith, be kind but keep your gaurd up. I did learn lashing out and hurting other people only makes the blackness blacker and the pain of what I did that much worse.

      Perhaps you could seek help from a chuch. Or just find comfort in walking around nature. Thats entirely up to you.

      Good luck you and may only good things come your way.