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Eli Cortez edinburg / United States, Male, 34
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  • POEM: So Cold(Dedicated To A Friend I Upset This Is Whut I Think After Ive Done That) by Terry jones (1/20/2009 8:11:00 AM)

    This is a good poem but you are missing key elements and simple basics, just from reading it the first time is very weak, but it has a good chance of growing...first of all spelling, this is a very strong poem because of the word use, if you don't spell the words correctly then the words lose the meaning and strength and becomes weak. second is punctuation, in the first line you ask a question, the first line is the most important and by asking a question you invite the reader in, you invite them, but if you don't put a question mark then it confuses the reader and instead of paying attention to the words and the sentences they look for other errors and the poem loses more strength. this is a good poem but it is very weak...this poem needs a lot of work. the words are powerful coming from such a young person but don't let your age hold you back, I see lots of potential and I know that you will be a good poet one day, you are better than i was at your age. also please don't take my comments to the heart i don't mean to be rude or offend, I want you to learn and grow from what i have to say, you are very talented and have much to learn. I will be keeping my eye on you and am looking forward to more of your poetry, keep on writing and don't be afraid to write the truth or explore.