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    • POEM: My Last Duchess by Robert Browning (1/19/2009 11:41:00 AM)

      I will just give a quick summary of what I feel this poem is about.
      Basically, the way I see this poem is a warning to his future wife and her family.
      The situtation is that the Duke of Ferrara shows a painting of his previous Duchess that he had killed due to his jealousy.
      He makes complaints of how other men could make her happy with their gifts, for example the white mule. The Duke is severely jealous that she showed no more appreciation to him for his gifts. This is evident when Browning writes 'Somehow-I know not how-as if she ranked, My gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name, With anybody's gift.'
      Unable to handle this jealousy and unable to 'stoop' and 'blame this type of trifling' the Duke simply orders his lover to be killed.
      Then the final few lines give another quick insight into another area of the Dukes somewhat bitter personality. He says 'Together down, sir' after the murder of the Duchess as though it is nothing to him and also, he speaks of the statue of Neptune, taming a seahorse. The Duke likes to see taming, as he wanted to tame the Duchess and make her show less gratitude to people bearing gifts for her.