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Saane Pahulu Auckland / New Zealand, Female, 27
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  • POEM: I Wanna Be His by Stacy Bush (6/9/2010 7:54:00 PM)

    this is sooooooo true
    if every girl sould have a guy whos does this then the world would be a happy place full of love

    loved this poem because i can relate and im sure every other single girl can too :) ! !

  • POEM: I Wanna Be His by Stacy Bush (6/9/2010 7:51:00 PM)

    wow so straight forward lolz :)
    this is the kinda thing i want and need of a guy! ! just to feel wanted and needed by someone!

    loved every description of what you wanted if only guys would think like this about me. its so hard for what you described to think its real because its difficult in this day and age for some people.

    great poem! !

  • POEM: Age Lovers by joelstine gonzaga (6/9/2010 7:44:00 PM)

    this is sooo true. i thought like this when i was 15 and still do because most of the guys are older then me
    but we'll find ourselves some older man when our age is considered old enough for those to judge us :)
    but things can work wonders if thsi man loves you back the way you love him...thats what i want! ! hahaha anyway great work! ! !

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