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  • POEM: *ticking Clock by Jane Meyer (6/30/2010 12:02:00 AM)

    metaphoric! ! ... it's not about the noise, but the flow/wheel of time... every stanza is a symbol of many attempts needed to be made, just to overcome the power of old memories/days...

    ''Reminding me of the ones I’ve wasted,
    the tens, the hundreds, the thousands,
    and of the ones stolen from me,
    the millions, the billion, the trillions''

    this is how short lines can tell a story of being trapped inside the circle of time... it's actually all human beings' simply could express the dual of time & being (in other words: now & here) ... you were so clever that you kept the rhythem of the poem alive with the repeated sound of ''tick-tock, tick-tock''...

    Bravo, Jane ! ! Good Job ! !

  • POEM: Font Color=darkvioletwords Erased by Jane Meyer (6/28/2010 11:46:00 PM)

    words are erased.. poem is gone.. can't leave a comment.. lol ! !

  • POEM: Font Color=darkvioletunfinished P… by Jane Meyer (6/28/2010 11:30:00 PM)

    lol.. this is a funny & witty poem.. it looks like a game.. it took me 5 days to put halves together.. eventually, I got this:

    I seem to just start things...
    always hard to finish.
    I leave them trailing like...
    adrift kites in the sky.
    never quiet get things...
    end thing with...
    a sigh or a swear.
    My thoughts aren’t ever...
    clear & pure.
    I must have gone...
    Insane, completely mad (couldn't find something better, lol)
    words start flowing then, ...
    I got choked.
    I wish that just once I could...
    have my own yacht, catch a fish, throw it back to the sea.
    All my life I’ve been...
    listening to whispers of stars.
    no one could understand that...
    I don't want to get married.
    It’s time for me to...
    drink my NESCAFE.
    If only...
    I know where my mug is : D

    yes, yes.. I did it, I did it! !

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