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    • POEM: Warning by Jenny Joseph (7/31/2009 4:15:00 PM)

      Am I the only reader who is just a little bit uncomfortable that this poem was written (in 1961) by a woman of TWENTY-NINE who was already feeling so trapped by convention that she dreamed of a day - worryingly far off, too - when she might break the shackles? What was she waiting for? Why was she contemplating thirty or more wasted years before she could - apparently - 'act naturally'? And after decades of habit and keeping up appearances, might it not be a great deal more difficult to abruptly change one's spots?

      It's very entertaining in its way, but as a parent of children of just that age, I feel sorry for them if they are in the same boat as the writer, and cannot see that they should enjoy every sandwich NOW, and not from some far-distant point in their lives when political incorrectness or whimsical behaviour might be acceptable 'just because you're old'.

      Betty Collins (11/27/2006) with her riposte (see an earlier post) is much more to my liking. It saddens me that in nearly three years nobody has taken time out to see her point...