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Frank Lambert Darlington / United Kingdom, Male, 58
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    • POEM: Sadness Of My Soul by Late Sunrise (9/9/2009 4:20:00 PM)

      This is another sensitive verse. Sad with a deep feeling it's true.

    • POEM: Sur Cette Ile... by Late Sunrise (9/9/2009 4:15:00 PM)

      Hi Late One,

      Wow, I'm glad I have a dictionary to translate this beautiful poem:

      On This Island

      On an island of peace where dawn
      Your kiss in my awakening will be,
      Where the light fog of evening
      Will accomplish our words of hope …

      On an island without conflicts, nor reefs,
      Sweetheart of sense to lose us there,
      Where the vibrating brightness of your eyes
      My last point of skyline will be …

      On an island where the gentle wind of day
      The echo of our smiles will hit,
      Where on the shores of your body,
      The heave of wish will be silent …

      Towards our island, I sail without fears,
      Breaking the blades of loneliness,
      On this island where tomorrow you wait for me,
      For a happiness born in certainties …

      On an island known by ourselves,
      Absentee of the world and its torments,
      On this island named Our Love,
      I was born and shall die with you …

      Wow again, this is some poem, and what an ending line.

      Nice write, poet.


    • POEM: A Kiss by Late Sunrise (9/9/2009 4:09:00 PM)

      Hi Late One,

      I enjoyed reading your poem and from your words I can see you understand kiss, intimately.

      Great write.


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