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Zainab Amjad Lahore / Pakistan, Female, 25
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  • POET: vittal vandavasu (2/27/2010 3:01:00 PM)

    Surprised by such wit and intelligence. Great talent for writing. Really stirring poetry. He's among the best writers I know and im sure he'll continue to be.. =)

  • POEM: Fanatical Dreams by vittal vandavasu (2/27/2010 2:27:00 PM)

    The thought ive been trying to express. You did it better. We dream of things that are hard to achieve in life and yet we wish for them, run after them, and later if we do catch them and feel them, we feel satisfied yet wholly unsatisfied. Theres more sorrow in those dreams than the bliss we wish for. The greatest fear is of having an illusion turn into a reality, a dream turn true and the pain of it is to realize that that dream wont give us what we wished for..
    Not analyzing your work.. Just adding my perspective. Not sure if its what you were expressing..

  • POEM: Everything That's Woe by vittal vandavasu (2/27/2010 2:15:00 PM)

    'Hell and Earth are the same..'
    -I couldnt agree more but earth is earth because it isnt hell. The pain you feel or felt, was just a small feel of being in hell. Before you start dwelling in there let yourself know youre not there as yet, Your pain will subside.. Allow it to subside. Dont be foolish to believe yourself in a hell youre not in as yet.

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