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    • POEM: Murderous Dogs by Adam Hollingsworth (8/18/2009 5:53:00 AM)

      To Tyler Olson, I'd just like to suggest you think before you type a message like that. In a poem entitled 'Murderous Dogs', Adam Hollingsworth's own opinions on the state of America and it's citizens, you posted a comment in which you said, 'I oughta hunt you down and kill you.' In effort to express your 'patriotism', you just proved what the author has written about. Asking a question like 'what worthless country are you from' is also very ignorant. In fact, the author is from America, as shown in his profile, which means that you have just called the country you had hoped to defend worthless.'While intelligence and art is your victim' - you have just proved this statement. Being as poetry is an art form, you obviously being a narrow-minded patriot asshole, have just made intelligence and art your victims. I think that it is people like you who inspire the likes of Adam Hollingsworth to write such poems.
      Anyways, I really enjoyed this poem and would like to say good job. I'm from the United States and am glad to see that there are people out there who can look beyond face value and analyze the truth of the way things are.