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Ryan Eisele Shanghai / China, Male, 40
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12/3/2011 8:48:00 AM

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  • (8/21/2009 10:42:00 AM)

    Yasha, my friend, genius! I'm surprised. I really get this. It's one of the first I've read because the title caught my eye. Not to argue semantics here, but I want to make the distinction between consciousness and the mind. I believe what you are really referring to is the human mind, not consciousness. I believe the 'freedom's spark' you speak of, to be the liberation of consciousness from the confinement of identification with the mind. I believe the nature you speak of (the autumn leaves) already have enlightened consciousness, which is why they do not fear death, nor even seek or value foreknowledge of it. I believe this cocoon analogy you make, in terms of 'living inside' a human mind which will transform into a beautiful liberation, is completely voluntary. You said so yourself: that you would choose it if you could. Consciousness is voluntarily 'playing' with the form of the human mind. Because it can.. Why not? It has no confinement, so why not have fun pretending so, for a while? It fears no death, so why not understand what it would feel like to fear death, by 'living inside' a human mind? We're really pure consciousness having a human experience completely voluntarily. In the end, there is no confinement, and we only pretended that there was. What else would you do with an eternity of no boundaries?

    Genius! I want to say congrats for posting all these. Great step forward.