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    • POEM: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (8/23/2009 10:57:00 PM)

      Had a few typos and grammatical problems down there. Don't mind the bad writing. Its late and I had not proofread it well before posting as I am half asleep right now: -)

    • POEM: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou (8/23/2009 10:53:00 PM)

      First to Mr. Dotterer,

      Nice of you to pick on April Hope because she had a well crafted opinion. However it is you who seems to not really understand things.1) She never said she was against judging as an overall practice but that she was against judging poetry on a 'number' scale! 2) she backs up her disagreement with Mr. YM by making a solid argument, you however just insult this young woman.

      You should find something better to do with your time then pick on some one because they had a strong, well founded, well supported opinion! Sounds like an attack on women to me kid in which case you probably shouldn't because you would loose horribly so!

      Now on to my own opinion. First this is one my top poems always and forever. Mya Angelou and subsequently this poem is the reason I fell in love with poetry. She is an amazing woman and this is an amazing poem. I'm not going to get all English student/professor with my reasons why. Its a good poem that is complex and simple, that is specific but universal, that utilizes cliches in original ways. Maya epitomizes simple genius for me. The woman can right sophisticatedly with out sounding like a snob or a prude or forcing you to the dictionary every second word. The language is simple with out dumbing you down either; you know the way most local newspapers do. Besides this is a piece made to be read out loud. It has a very different feel when you read/perform it then when you just read it on paper. Its a piece that needs to move through the air.

      For me there are many purposes of poetry and fighting the cliche so to speak is not one of them. Now it is true that if you wish to survive and make your living as a poet you ought not use cliches for they could be the death of you. However there are bigger goals for the poet and/or the poem some time and cliches are the best way to says things some times. A cliche gets under my skin when the individual using it had not attempted to find something more original(every time some one tells me my name is so 'Unique' I want to smack them with a stupid belt or something) , but if it was the best way to get at what they wanted to say then it had to be said!

      Get off your snoody poetry coaches some time and enjoy a work for what. Any one ever see the 'dead poets society' with Robin Williams? its a great movie. You know what one of my favorite parts is? When he has the boys rip the first few pages out of their poetry books. He tells them we are not going to judge the poetry based on what ever the hell (I don't remember the exact line) but that we are going to feel the poetry. It is that simple some times. Do you feel the poetry? ! Some times when some one comments on something I've written its worth listening to their critique, other times it recognizing that they are not my intended audience and will never feel the piece so fixing it for them wont work. Leave Maya alone, you're probably just jealous and think something like your work is way better then hers. Get over it or get to producing!