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    • POEM: Invictus by William Ernest Henley (9/1/2009 9:35:00 PM)

      well, i am a junior at booker t. washington senior high in miami, florida and to start off my junior year in my AP english and language class this was the first poem that we read. My teacher Mr.v let us interpret the poem ourselves. as i read it for the first time and found my own perception on the poem i saw i as this man was teling us not to feel pity on him cause he knew that at the end of reading this poem we would feel the pity. i see that this man faced alot in life. i mean he had no arms nor legs he had three types of cancers and he had tuberculosis which was killing him. if you read is bio you see that both his sons died and he had a nut case for a wife. at first i felt that he was directing this poem towards the devil telling him that although he has lived his life in missery and pain that even if he did go to hell the devil would not scare him. he believed that he was going to hell in my opinion cause he never was well in his life so he never thought he would be well in his after life. he just never saw the life. look i saw it like this, this man wasnt looking for the light it seemed that he liked living in the darkness. i felt like he was a grown nman going through a tragic life but at one point in your life something has to go right no matter how small it is. many people are going through worse and dont complain as much as he was in this poem, but at the end i understood him.this man had no arms so how did he write this he didnt his wife did and if you all didnt know he hated her. but although he hated her she wrote this poem for him.why? cause he knew that with her writing this poem she would over read these words and these words would kill her inside.he always blamed her for his kids death cause as his wife he felt it was her job to watch and keep the kids safe so he got back at her.he knew that he would die soon and with leaving this poem behind it would lead his wife into a great depression causing her to hurt herself.well 5 min. after he wrote this poem he died and his wife was put in a crzy home for about 6 years and into the 6th year she comittied suicide beacuse she could never get over the words that her husband wrote. he did exactly what he wanted he killed the women he hated with his words.