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    • POEM: Love's Secret by William Blake (9/1/2009 11:29:00 PM)

      from Poems from MSS.

      never seek to tell thy love
      love that never told can be;
      for the gentle wind does move
      silently, invisibly.

      i told my love, i told my love,
      i told her all my heart,
      trembling, cold, in ghastly fears-
      ah, she doth depart.

      soon as she was gone from me
      a traveller came by
      silently, invisibly-
      o, was no deny.

      I laid me down upon a bank
      where love lay sleeping.
      i heard among the rushes dank
      weeping, weeping

      i asked a theif to steal me a peach:
      he turn'd up his eyes.
      I ask'd a lithe lady to lie her down:
      holy and meek she cries.

      As soon as I went an angel came:
      He wink'd at the theif
      andsmil'd at the dame,
      and without one word spoke
      had a peach from the tree,
      and 'twixt earnest and joke
      enjoy'd the lady.

      love to faults is always blind,
      always is to joy inclin'd,
      lawless, wing'd, and unconfin'd,
      and breaks all chains from every mind.

      Deceit to secresy confin'd,
      lawful, cautious, and refin'd,
      to every thing but intrest blind,
      and forges fetters for the mind.

      abstinence sows sand all over
      the ruddy limbs and flaming hair,
      but Desire Gratified
      plants fruits of life and beauty there.

      quoted from 'The Viking Book of Poetry of the English speaking world' volume 1'- pg 619