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Joyce Halvorsen Wisconsinite now living .. / United States, Female, 73
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  • POEM: You Come In My Dream by Sanjib Das (9/29/2009 11:21:00 AM)

    Oh, the passion and pathos of young love. Your poem brought back many lost memories. There are times and places to write such poems and I thank you for gifting us with these words...someday these passionate poems will be more difficult to dream up...but then you will have had your great loves to lean upon. Keep up the writing. Don't ever be afraid to share your emotions in your poetry, just as you learn the craft of writing. I will read more of your poems. Nicely written. Your friend, Joyce

  • POEM: Chocolates Chocolates by Mubeen Sadhika (9/22/2009 5:47:00 AM)

    Yummy...Chocolates...Chocolates....each year is sweeter than the next...but oh my dear,40 is not so very old. Believe me when I say, life is just starting then... the years from 40 onward are so much more...they are freeing...not an ending but a beginning...It can be the very best years of your age 40 I stopped working for some large entity (the State of Wisconsin) and I went back to college as a Freshman seeking my degree...and graduated in 4 years, and I was granted an award upon graduation for my Human Issues Papers, at 41 I spent time abroad (my first of many trips) , at 44 I built a home along the Wisconsin River where I enjoyed many years, and I continued writing, at 45 I changed careers and became a teacher teaching students how to write and publish and sell their own newspaper, at 50 I found time to learn a new language, at 55 I learned to play golf, and I continued writing, at 59 I built a home in Florida, and at the same age I joined a chorus of women singers who share their love in 60 I celebrated my 'coming of age' with friends and a party and the women singers sang for me, at 62 I became I published writer (3 books to my name) and I continue to write...there is so much to life when you cross from 40 to 41. Believe can be so much more after the BIG 40. It just goes so fast, don't you think? Write another have much talent.

  • POEM: But Isn'T God Watching Me Get Changed? by Frances May (9/16/2009 8:20:00 AM)

    Dear Frances: Isn't it true that we - especially we women - have been carefully taught to 'hide our unhappiness behind a smile'? I will read on...your poems have so much to say and to remind us.

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